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FIVA - Federation Internationale de Vehicules

The F.B.V.A.,Federaçao Brasileira de Veiculos Antigos, is a Member since 1999 of the F.I.V.A. organization , Federation Internationale de Vehicules Anciens based in Paris, France .

In Brazil, the FBVA is an ANF authority ( FIVA National Authority category Member). This meaning that the FBVA is the local authority , among other duties, to emit the FIVA Passport (FIVA I.D.) necessary for a brasilian antique vehicle to participate in Sport events, rallying and expositions in Brazil and abroad that are held under the FIVA flag.

This afiliation to the FIVA, was a dream cherished by many of us for a long time, and puts the FBVA among more than 44 participating countries around the globe . At the FIVA site you can have access to the international events calender - click here.






Av. Dr. Deusdedith Salgado, 3600/Loja C • Center Car • Teixeiras
Juiz de Fora • MG • Brasil • 36033-000 • Telefax: (32) 3236.1322
A FBVA é filiada a FIVA desde
novembro de 1999


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